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What are the pros and cons of a job in Chicago

The Pros and Cons of Having a Job in Chicago

The Pros and Cons of Having a Job in Chicago

What are the pros and cons of a job in Chicago

The nation’s third-largest city is a thrilling place to live, but Chicago is also an exciting place to launch a career. Workers here enjoy immediate access to a diverse range of cultures, arts, and sports. While the pros are clear, working in the Windy City also has a few drawbacks.

Since its humble beginnings in the early nineteenth century, the city of Chicago has drawn businesses of all varieties. Traders, frontier farmers, and government contractors characterized the area’s first economy. Economics and business have shaped the city for nearly two hundred years.

By the 1840s, Chicago laid a strong foundation as a leading trading center. Chicago’s gradual development was spearheaded by the fur trade, military installations, the marketing of farm products, and private real estate. As capitalism expanded, the city transformed economically.

Chicago was also poised for development, with its flat prairies suitable for railroads, fertile soil in the Great Lakes region, and abundant water. The large deposits of iron ore and coal in the area paved the way as the nation increasingly turned to steam and steel.

The city’s population grew by 1930, approaching 3.4 million. As more people flocked to Chicago, more workers became available to work in construction, entertainment, and services. The economic development led to a further influx of people, making Chicago a city of opportunity.

What are the pros of having a job in Chicago?

1. Abundant professional opportunities

Today, Chicago offers its workers countless professional opportunities with 200,000 jobs created since 2010. Individuals find work in diverse sectors, such as manufacturing, IT, publishing, health services, and technology. As the second-largest business sector, Chicago is home to nine Fortune 1000 companies.

2. Concentration of female entrepreneurs

Chicago is known for its high concentration of women entrepreneurs and startups founded by women. In this bustling city, 25 percent of founders are women, which is significantly higher than the global average of 14.1 percent. Chicago is home to organizations that support women in business.

Among the many organizations are those that help women in the technology field gain access to professional networks and give them opportunities to share knowledge. Other organizations assist women in their endeavors to fund their ventures, teaching them how to pitch and talk to investors.

3. Flexible work weeks

Like other major US cities, Chicago has a five-day, 40-hour workweek. However, many employers are flexible, offering their employees summer Fridays, generous vacation days, and the choice to set their own hours. Post-pandemic, work culture now includes the option to work from home.

4. Proximity to the suburbs

Downtown, with its vibrant arts and culture scenes, has a diverse job sector. Individuals spend after-work hours in the museums, jazz clubs, and theaters. If they live in the nearby suburbs, they return to a quieter and calmer home. Commuting to the city from the suburbs offers this desirable mix.

What are the cons of having a job in Chicago?

1. Winter weather

All the frills and thrills of working in the city come with disadvantages. One of the most obvious cons is the subfreezing Chicago winters, where temperatures drop to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Winters are snowy, making walking to the office from the train station cold and physically demanding.

2. High crime rate

Chicago is a premiere city to shop for expensive jewelry and high-end clothing—these attractions also make it a hotspot for crime. The murder rate in the city is four times higher than New York City. People who work in Chicago must remain continuously vigilant of their surroundings.

3. Infamous traffic

Traffic in Chicago is the third worst in the nation. Traffic jams are notoriously high during peak commuting times. Pedestrians are not entirely safe either, as drivers speed, ignore traffic laws, and have a worrisome disregard for people walking on sidewalks or crossing the streets.

The Windy City may be an ideal place to work for people who enjoy the friendly Midwestern charm, the endless opportunities to explore every nook and cranny of this major metropolis and the fact that a sports, music, arts, or other exciting cultural event is always happening.

Working in the Windy City exposes people to not only diverse employment opportunities, but cultures, languages, and food. Workers who are concerned about crime take safety measures to ease their worries. Using affordable public transportation is an alternative to driving in the heavy traffic.

Chicago is a major player in many thriving industries in the US, including finance and business. People working in engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, and transportation find plenty of employment opportunities. Airline titans, like United Airlines, are also headquartered in the city.

City view in Millennium park Chicago

Companies, like Tyson Foods, Boeing, and Caterpillar, moved out of Chicago due to crime or taxes. For them, the cons were too high. But others, like Kellogg’s, Mars Wrigley, and Google, have recently made the move into Chicago. If your company chooses to relocate here, rely on Chicago Office Movers.

We are among Chicagoland’s leading commercial movers, prepared to help you relocate successfully with our years of industry experience, a wide range of comprehensive office moving services, and the dedicated crews who handle your valuable office goods with exceptional care.

Chicago Office Movers’ comprehensive services include short- and long-term storage, quality support with relocation planning, packing and unpacking, and paperwork storage. Our office movers are licensed, trained, and security-conscious—ensuring your most sensitive documents and equipment are in good hands.

Our efforts have won us the trust of prestigious universities and major companies. Chicago Office Movers is the recipient of industry awards as well as numerous five-star ratings from satisfied customers. We extend our high-quality relocation services to all businesses large and small.

Whether your company plans to move locally, long-distance, or internationally, choose Chicago Office Movers for a seamless relocation. As a reliable office mover, we offer efficient services, helpful advice, and competitive rates.

Call our Chicago, Illinois, location at 312-244-2246 (CHI-CAGO) or fill out a form for a free estimate.

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What to Expect When Moving for Work

Choosing Your Next Business Location


As a full-service commercial moving company, we know that people hate moving. Even when you’re relocating to keep your dream job, the process of packing everything up and getting used to a new location is stressful.

In fact there’s a number of things you’ll need to do before and after moving, like getting a new driver’s license, switching over the utilities, finding a new home, selling or subletting your current place, and everything moving-related. So it really boils down to how much you love your job or want a new one.

While many individuals are simply unable to relocate due to family or other personal reasons, Careerbuilder has claimed that 44% of employees are “willing to relocate for a career opportunity.” If you are one of those people, you’ll want to check out these tips on what to expect before moving for work.

Benefits of Relocating for Work

Despite the headache of having to switch everything over, adjust to a new location, and pay for all of those moving expenses, some employers are willing to cover them. There aren’t too many that are willing to pay for full-service relocation packages, but depending on the demand for employees, you might be able to get away with paying nothing at all (or a small portion).

But regardless if they’re paying for your move or not, here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind before going.

1. Look for a New Home

If you have a family, the first question you will need to ask them is if they are willing to relocate as well. It would also be a good idea to take some time to visit the new location and visit some new houses before buying one right away.

Even if you can’t find the perfect home during the visits, it’s still beneficial to get to know the area. You might find a good restaurant, park, or other attraction so you will have something to look forward to before moving. These places can also help you to feel more comfortable about your decision to relocate for work.

 2. Find a Temporary Home

It’s not likely that anyone is able to find a permanent home before moving day. But finding a place to stay that offers month-to-month leasing can buy some time until you do find the perfect place to call your own again. If you have kids that are in school, make sure to check out the school districts before committing to your new home.

Some companies are also willing to cover the cost of first and/or second month’s rent. It’s common for corporations to place employees in executive condos, apartments, or home that’s particularly used on a temporary basis.

3. Know What Costs are Covered

If your company is covering your moving expenses, it’s important to know what exactly is covered. Some packages only cover the transportation costs while others go as far as managing your entire move, packing, furniture assembly, and moving your belongings for you.

In some cases, employers will offer a lump sum to their employees. So you will want to make sure that you keep all receipts from your move, such as packing supplies, movers, and gas for the moving truck. Also keep in mind that you may qualify for a tax deduction if you moved more than 50 miles.

4. Keep Your Items in Storage

In some case, temporary housing won’t have the space to fit all of your belongings. There also isn’t much point in unpacking everything if you’ll only be living there for a few months. So it’s important to find a secure storage space that allows easy access to your belongings, as well as accommodations for moving everything to your new location.

The storage spaces at Chicago Office Movers is designed to hold large, heavy items, including desks, office furniture, warehouse equipment, and other large assets. We also offer insurance plans to keep your belongings covered at all times.

5. Additional Funds for Extra Expenses

Anyone who has moved before knows perfectly well that surprise expenses pop up throughout the moving process. But some companies understand this and are willing to cover them too. Some are even willing to compensate up to $5,000! Just make sure to save your receipts to support your reasoning.

In addition to covering moving costs, some employees have been able to use this money for their down-payments on new homes or first rent payments. Some cases might involve a family member staying behind temporarily, so an extra rent payment that can be covered with these additional funds.

What to Keep in Mind

Nobody really looks forward to the moving process when relocating for work, but for some professions, it’s necessary. But it’s important to know what exactly is covered within company relocation packages, if offered, and any other perks to make things easier.

Also keep in mind that some things are negotiable. As long as you stay within reason, you may end up with a lot more than what you started – all because you said something!

Working with a Professional Mover

While finding a mover to move your home is important, you’ll also need one to move the company. Specializing in commercial moving, Chicago Office Movers handle everything from move management to transporting heavy equipment both short and long distances.


Our union movers specialize in commercial moving and can handle all of your business relocation needs. Give us a call for a free estimate!

With the vast number of businesses in different industries, we understand that specialty equipment will vary. But with the help of our moving resources, we can safely pack and relocate everything you need to your new location.

Our professionals are also licensed, trained, experienced, uniformed, and background-checked to keep your business protected at all times. Especially when it comes to keeping your items safe and any physical documents confidential, you can depend on us to cover the relocation process while you focus on your business needs.

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For a free estimate on our commercial moving services, contact Chicago Office Movers at 312-244-2246 or fill out a contact form and we will contact you shortly!

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