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Chicago skyline
What are the pros and cons of a job in Chicago

The Pros and Cons of Having a Job in Chicago

The Pros and Cons of Having a Job in Chicago

What are the pros and cons of a job in Chicago

The nation’s third-largest city is a thrilling place to live, but Chicago is also an exciting place to launch a career. Workers here enjoy immediate access to a diverse range of cultures, arts, and sports. While the pros are clear, working in the Windy City also has a few drawbacks.

Since its humble beginnings in the early nineteenth century, the city of Chicago has drawn businesses of all varieties. Traders, frontier farmers, and government contractors characterized the area’s first economy. Economics and business have shaped the city for nearly two hundred years.

By the 1840s, Chicago laid a strong foundation as a leading trading center. Chicago’s gradual development was spearheaded by the fur trade, military installations, the marketing of farm products, and private real estate. As capitalism expanded, the city transformed economically.

Chicago was also poised for development, with its flat prairies suitable for railroads, fertile soil in the Great Lakes region, and abundant water. The large deposits of iron ore and coal in the area paved the way as the nation increasingly turned to steam and steel.

The city’s population grew by 1930, approaching 3.4 million. As more people flocked to Chicago, more workers became available to work in construction, entertainment, and services. The economic development led to a further influx of people, making Chicago a city of opportunity.

What are the pros of having a job in Chicago?

1. Abundant professional opportunities

Today, Chicago offers its workers countless professional opportunities with 200,000 jobs created since 2010. Individuals find work in diverse sectors, such as manufacturing, IT, publishing, health services, and technology. As the second-largest business sector, Chicago is home to nine Fortune 1000 companies.

2. Concentration of female entrepreneurs

Chicago is known for its high concentration of women entrepreneurs and startups founded by women. In this bustling city, 25 percent of founders are women, which is significantly higher than the global average of 14.1 percent. Chicago is home to organizations that support women in business.

Among the many organizations are those that help women in the technology field gain access to professional networks and give them opportunities to share knowledge. Other organizations assist women in their endeavors to fund their ventures, teaching them how to pitch and talk to investors.

3. Flexible work weeks

Like other major US cities, Chicago has a five-day, 40-hour workweek. However, many employers are flexible, offering their employees summer Fridays, generous vacation days, and the choice to set their own hours. Post-pandemic, work culture now includes the option to work from home.

4. Proximity to the suburbs

Downtown, with its vibrant arts and culture scenes, has a diverse job sector. Individuals spend after-work hours in the museums, jazz clubs, and theaters. If they live in the nearby suburbs, they return to a quieter and calmer home. Commuting to the city from the suburbs offers this desirable mix.

What are the cons of having a job in Chicago?

1. Winter weather

All the frills and thrills of working in the city come with disadvantages. One of the most obvious cons is the subfreezing Chicago winters, where temperatures drop to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Winters are snowy, making walking to the office from the train station cold and physically demanding.

2. High crime rate

Chicago is a premiere city to shop for expensive jewelry and high-end clothing—these attractions also make it a hotspot for crime. The murder rate in the city is four times higher than New York City. People who work in Chicago must remain continuously vigilant of their surroundings.

3. Infamous traffic

Traffic in Chicago is the third worst in the nation. Traffic jams are notoriously high during peak commuting times. Pedestrians are not entirely safe either, as drivers speed, ignore traffic laws, and have a worrisome disregard for people walking on sidewalks or crossing the streets.

The Windy City may be an ideal place to work for people who enjoy the friendly Midwestern charm, the endless opportunities to explore every nook and cranny of this major metropolis and the fact that a sports, music, arts, or other exciting cultural event is always happening.

Working in the Windy City exposes people to not only diverse employment opportunities, but cultures, languages, and food. Workers who are concerned about crime take safety measures to ease their worries. Using affordable public transportation is an alternative to driving in the heavy traffic.

Chicago is a major player in many thriving industries in the US, including finance and business. People working in engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, and transportation find plenty of employment opportunities. Airline titans, like United Airlines, are also headquartered in the city.

City view in Millennium park Chicago

Companies, like Tyson Foods, Boeing, and Caterpillar, moved out of Chicago due to crime or taxes. For them, the cons were too high. But others, like Kellogg’s, Mars Wrigley, and Google, have recently made the move into Chicago. If your company chooses to relocate here, rely on Chicago Office Movers.

We are among Chicagoland’s leading commercial movers, prepared to help you relocate successfully with our years of industry experience, a wide range of comprehensive office moving services, and the dedicated crews who handle your valuable office goods with exceptional care.

Chicago Office Movers’ comprehensive services include short- and long-term storage, quality support with relocation planning, packing and unpacking, and paperwork storage. Our office movers are licensed, trained, and security-conscious—ensuring your most sensitive documents and equipment are in good hands.

Our efforts have won us the trust of prestigious universities and major companies. Chicago Office Movers is the recipient of industry awards as well as numerous five-star ratings from satisfied customers. We extend our high-quality relocation services to all businesses large and small.

Whether your company plans to move locally, long-distance, or internationally, choose Chicago Office Movers for a seamless relocation. As a reliable office mover, we offer efficient services, helpful advice, and competitive rates.

Call our Chicago, Illinois, location at 312-244-2246 (CHI-CAGO) or fill out a form for a free estimate.

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Chicago commute by train

Best Chicago Suburbs to Commute to the City

Chicago commute by train

Chicago can be an ideal place to work—but an expensive, noisy, and overwhelming city to live in. Many Illinoisans flock to the suburbs for its many benefits yet choose to work in the city. Commuters have a wide selection of Chicago suburbs they can call home.

A large metropolitan city like Chicago offers endless dining and entertainment options. But parking is a hassle and residential homes and apartments are pricey. Chicago’s suburbs, however, allow residents to live within their financial means while having access to all the excitement the city has to offer.

It’s important to choose a Chicago suburb that makes it easy to commute to the city. Proximity is a key factor to a daily stress-free commute. Following are vibrant suburbs that make traveling to the city a breeze, whether in a car or via public transportation.

1.      Skokie, Illinois

Vehicle owners can travel to and from Skokie to Chicago’s premier downtown area in 23 minutes. The 15-mile distance from this suburb to the city makes it a quick commute. Traveling by the Metra rail allows commuters to reach downtown within 45 minutes.

Skokie is also an ideal place to call home. Artistic and cultural opportunities abound here, with venues like the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Northlight Theatre, and Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra drawing regular crowds. Skokie even has a historic corridor for glimpses into the past.

2.      Evanston, Illinois

Another short commute to the city can be made from Evanston, a sophisticated suburb located along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Commuters can make the 12-mile trip to Chicago in 23 minutes. The Metra allows commuters to reach the city after a comfortable 40-minute train ride.

Known as “Chicago Lite,” Evanston is highly walkable. Dotted along its tree-lined streets are numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops. Northwestern University is located in this suburb. Attend a concert at one of its music venues, like SPACE. Excitement and entertainment options are plentiful here.

3.      Oak Park, Illinois

Commuters reach downtown Chicago in 20 minutes from the historical treasure, Oak Park. When opting for the CTA, the commute time is 37 minutes. Oak Park is located a mere nine miles from the loop. The village even has its own Metra station as well as buses and bike paths.

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture can be enjoyed by residents of Oak Park. Walking tours take visitors throughout the suburb to see Wright’s architectural footprint left on private homes and public structures. Oak Park was the birthplace of author Ernest Hemingway, whose home can also be toured.

Walking in downtown Chicago

4.      Naperville, Illinois

Ranked as the nation’s best suburb to live in, Naperville is located 30 miles west of Chicago. By car, commuters can reach the city in 36 minutes, while Metra riders on the express line can arrive in Chicago in 45 minutes. The suburb offers multiple train stations and major highways.

Naperville boasts of an excellent school system, an acclaimed library, and a vibrant downtown. This highly desirable suburb is known for offering all the amenities of a modern city along with charming small-town living. The suburb’s 145,000 residents attest to its appeal.

5.      Hinsdale, Illinois

Hinsdale is located 20 miles from Chicago, making the commute by car a quick, 32-minute ride. By the express line on Metra, commuters reach Chicago in 22 minutes. Hinsdale’s historic downtown allows commuters to park and spend time browsing its 100 local shops.

Katherine Legge Memorial Park is located on 52 acres of Hinsdale’s picturesque woodlands, offering residents plenty of opportunities to play frisbee, golf, or go sledding in the winter. Hinsdale entices walkers and joggers alike with its rolling hills and woodlands.

6.      Wheaton, Illinois

Farther from Chicago is an active suburb known as Wheaton. By car, commuters can drive to Chicago in 41 minutes. By Metra, the trip to the city is one hour. Wheaton residents enjoy numerous events, shops, and farmers’ markets in the suburb’s historic downtown.

Nature lovers visit Wheaton’s robust forest preserve district. Walkers, hikers, and joggers can take advantage of its 145 miles of trails. Families can enjoy leisurely weekends at its 31 lakes and 1,450 picnic tables. Horseback riding lessons are available at the Danada Equestrian Center.

A few more suburbs make the list for the best commute to the city. Flossmoor requires only a 33-minute commute by car and a 40-minute ride on the Metra express line. Reach Chicago from Buffalo Grove in 45 minutes by car and 40 minutes on the Metra express line.

Highland Park is another opportunity for suburban living and easy access to Chicago. From Highland Park to Chicago, the commute by car is 36 minutes and 45 minutes on Metra’s express line. This list wouldn’t be complete without Park Ridge, which is just 15 minutes northwest of downtown Chicago.

Illinoisans have diverse options for commuting to Chicago from any of the city’s many surrounding suburbs. When your company is amping up to relocate to a Chicagoland location, choose Chicago Office Movers for a seamless, stress-free, and on-budget corporate relocation.

As an experienced office mover with crews of trained, union moving specialists, we’ll handle your move from start to finish. Included in our efficient services are help with planning the details of the move, packing, transporting the goods safely, and unpacking them at the destination.

Our highly rated corporate relocation service is utilized by major local companies and prestigious universities, such as Alcatel Lucent and Northwestern University. Whether your business is large or small, our dedicated moving crews deliver exceptional service to all valued customers.

Chicago Office Movers is experienced in handling a wide range of office goods. Our crews have successfully moved fragile antiques, complex IT systems and servers, sensitive electronics, and bulky office furniture. No matter the size or weight of the items, our movers transport them with care.

We also offer several conveniences, such as short- and long-term storage, insurance contracts, and add-on services. When you are planning a local, long-distance, or international corporate relocation, Chicago Office Movers in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, will exceed your expectations.

Call our Chicago, Illinois, location at 312-244-2246 (CHI-CAGO) or fill out a form for a free estimate.

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Chicago City Skyline

7 Most Popular Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago City Skyline

Chicago is a bustling town known for its unique charm and lively nightlife. Tourists flock to this major U.S. city from all around the world. Visitors and residents alike find plenty to do in Chicago. Here are a handful of the most popular attractions in the city.

As the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago was originally a water transit hub. Chicago’s lakeshore borders Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes, and the Chicago River runs through downtown. The city was founded in 1830 and soon became a busy industrial metropolis.

Twenty-five years later, in 1855, Chicago built the world’s first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, which stood 10 stories high. Well-known architects added to the city’s skyline. During this time, Chicago became a national retail center, attracting business tycoons, like Marshall Field.

Nicknamed the Windy City, Chicago’s colorful history lends significantly to the major attractions it boasts of today. From recreational activities on the lakefront to stunning architecture in downtown, Chicago continues to satisfy its urban residents and out-of-town tourists with equal zeal.

1. Navy PierNavy Pier

Navy Pier is recognized as one of Chicago’s premier attractions. Nestled on Chicago’s lakefront, Navy Pier offers families and individuals a wide range of events, free public programs, culture and dining and much more. Navy Pier has reopened since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ride Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel, which is nearly 200 feet high. The Centennial Wheel gives visitors a breathtaking view of the city skyline, especially as the sun dips behind Lake Michigan at sunset. Visitors capture the spectacular sights even in winter as they sit inside its climate-controlled, heated gondolas.

Residents and tourists go sightseeing on Navy Pier’s many cruises. Architecture cruises give sightseers panoramic city views. Speed boat rides on Lake Michigan are available for thrill seekers. Fireworks light up the city’s night sky in summer, and guests can see them on Navy Pier’s firework cruises.

2. Museums

Chicago’s numerous museums are a testament to the city’s rich cultural scene. Star gazers will find plenty to see at the Adler Planetarium. History buffs can view dinosaur bones at the Field Museum. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is ideal for those who appreciate the sciences.

Art museums are abundant in the city. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest in the world. The Museum of Contemporary Art and Smart Museum of Art showcase diverse artwork. A Chicago Children’s Museum is dedicated to enthralling the youngest of museum-goers

3. Skyscrapers

Along with fascinating architecture are majestic skyscrapers that point toward the sky. The Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) was once the tallest building in the world. Visitors can head to the Skydeck and look down from the glass balcony on The Ledge on the 103rd floor.

The 360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly the John Hancock Observatory) is another popular destination within the city. Standing at 100 stories and 1,128 feet high, guests have a unique vantage point of the seemingly endless skyline. Its moving platform, TILT, also offers downward views.

4. Food

Deep dish pizza is a Chicago favorite and has earned its place as one of the city’s most iconic foods. The famous pizza pies are served in numerous venues around the city, including popular restaurants, like Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s.

Chicago-style hotdogs are all the rave in the Windy City. Served without ketchup, the Chicago-style hot dog is topped with mustard, pickles, relish, tomato, onions, peppers and a dash of salt. Several well-known restaurant chains serve this flavorful hotdog on a poppy-seed bun.

5. Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago River is a treasured natural feature within the city, and the Chicago Riverwalk allows visitors the chance to enjoy the waterway from close up. The Riverwalk is 1.25 miles long and is dotted with restaurants, bars, and plenty of places to people watch on a summer day.

6. Cloud GateChicago Cloud Gate - Bean

The official title for one of Chicago’s most popular sculptures is the Cloud Gate. The massive public sculpture reflects the city skyline as well as the green space around Millennial Park—the free public park in which it is famously located.

The Cloud Gate consists entirely of welded stainless steel. The sculpture stands 33 feet high, 42 feet wide and 66 feet long. The work of art weighs approximately 110 tons. Locals nicknamed the sculpture “The Bean”, due to its curved, oblong shape.

7. Lake Michigan

Chicago residents and tourists head to Lake Michigan all year, but crowds especially gather when the weather is inviting. Beaches, like North Avenue and Oak Street, attract sunbathers, while the 18-mile-long Lakefront Trail brings countless bicyclists, walkers and joggers to its paved paths.

Boats may be rented for rides on the lake. Groups may rent a 40-foot boat and cruise along Lake Michigan and then head toward the Chicago River to view the city’s riverfront architecture. A day on the waters of Lake Michigan promises ample relaxation and enjoyment.

Moving to Chicago?Chicago Office Movers Moving Table

Chicago is a popular destination for leisure seekers and talented job seekers. When the workday is done, the city has plenty to offer. This is one of many reasons why Chicago draws growing corporations. When you aim to relocate your business to the Windy City, choose Chicago Office Movers.

Chicago Office Movers is an experienced moving company with numerous satisfied customers. We have successfully relocated major universities, like Lake Forest College, and well-known companies, like Alcatel Lucent. Our skilled moving crews will relocate your company to greener pastures, too.

Our movers are licensed, background checked, and trained to carefully handle large and fragile office equipment. We ensure your goods remain protected and secure throughout the move. Customers also receive tracking information so they can monitor the progress of their belongings during the move.

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Whether your company requires short- or long-term storage options, help with packing and unpacking or add-on services, Chicago Office Movers offers comprehensive moving services to meet all needs. As a Chicago-based office mover, we relocate companies locally, long-distance, or internationally.

Call us at 312-244-2246 for a budget-friendly relocation.

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America’s Fastest Growing Cities


Fort Myers, FL is America’s fastest growing city, according to Thrillist. Big surprise, right? This was based on the reports from WalletHub, measuring 515 cities in the U.S. based on size and population.

In sum, the factors measured from these reports include population and economic growth. In this case, Fort Myers, FL took first place, followed by Midland, TX.

After analyzing the past 7 years of data, WalletHub concluded the study with a list based on a total of 15 different criteria. In addition to population growth, growth of median household incomes, housing prices, number of startups, and businesses moving to the area were measured. Declines were also taken into account, such as poverty rates and unemployment.

Why Fort Myers, FL?Tropical-Beach-Palm-Trees-Ocean-2-Chairs

Fort Myers, FL wasn’t always at the top of the list, according to the reports; it didn’t reach the top of the list until 2018. In 2017, the Mayor of Fort Myers, Randy Henderson, told the local News-Press the reason for the boom in economic growth was because of the efforts to attract private investment, build affordable housing for Millennials and young professionals, and update the city’s infrastructure.

Growth in Nearby Cities

Also experiencing high growth is Miami and Lehigh Acres (also on the list of top 15). It’s quite possible that the area in general is experiencing growth, due to the number of families and businesses moving to the same region.

Growth in Other States

What the cities on the list share in common is that many are in the same state. So it may be safe to say that not only cities are growing, but the states too.

Check out the top 20 list of America’s fastest growing cities:San-Antonio-TX-Skyline

  1. Midland, TX
  2. Pearland, TX
  3. Bend, OR
  4. McKinney, TX
  5. College Station, TX
  6. Lehigh Acres, FL
  7. Mount Pleasant, SC
  8. Enterprise, NV
  9. Irvine, CA
  10. Milpitas, CA
  11. Pleasanton, CA
  12. Murfreesboro, TN
  13. Meridian, ID
  14. Redwood City, CA
  15. Frisco, TX
  16. Round Rock, TX
  17. Austin, TX
  18. Miami, FL
  19. Saint George, UT

What to Conclude About these Cities

So what is actually attracting people and businesses to these cities? The weather? For some, it’s true but most commonly, it’s the job opportunities and affordability of housing. While cities like Chicago and Los Angeles continue to become more expensive with taxes and costs of living, others are booming as people flock to the south for an easier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

Looking to Move Your Business?

If you’re looking for a change, always be sure to do your home homework and research all options before moving. Just because it’s growing and there are many opportunities, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your company; what may be right for every other industry may not be for yours.

One of the best ways to research cities to move your business is to research the economic growth as well as any vendors in the area, culture of the city, local leasing or investment rates, and target market. Surely there’s no place for a snow plow company in Fort Myers, FL.

Contact Chicago Office MoversCommercial Moving Services in Naperville, IL

After deciding where you want to relocate your business, rely on the professional services of Chicago Office Movers, based in the Chicagoland area. When working with our experts, you can expect complete care while handling your assets. We have moved everything from desks to machinery to even libraries.

Chicago Office Movers also provides a number of specialty services, including storage, packing, paperwork storage, crating, furniture assembly, office decommissioning, server room moving, and more. Each of our movers is also experienced, trained, background-checked, and insured for your peace of mind.

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To get a free estimate on your next business move, contact Chicago Office Movers at (312) 244-2246.

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