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How to Prepare Your Business for Office Relocation


Running your business from a new locale is exciting. A larger physical space may indicate business growth and employees are likely to look forward to working in an upgraded facility. However, before the celebrations can start, the office must endure the chore of picking up and shifting.

It is important to ensure that the business seamlessly continues despite the relocation. Hiring professional movers with commercial moving experience is important for a smooth move. Once the relocation date has been established, the business owner should prepare for the upcoming transition, whether you are moving across the street or are relocating internationally. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your office move:

1. Develop a Timeline

Schedule the relocation based on important dates in the business calendar. Write down the events in the relocation timeline.

Factor in when the business’ building lease will expire. The property manager should be notified of the anticipated move date.

Communicate with all employees about the set relocation date. Suppliers should also be informed. Keep the team members in the loop about the progress of the move, as well as their responsibilities during the relocation.

2. Visit the New Space

Pay a visit to the new building into which the office will move. If painting the walls in the new office needs to be done, hire a painting contractor to perform the task well before the move. Examine the flooring and walls. A carpenter can be hired before the move to address any issues, like constructing walls or refinishing the floors, inside the new building.

While at the premises of the new office space, develop an office layout. Determine where office desks or cubicles will be positioned and where the electrical outlets are located. Take the time to scrutinize the layout for any potential difficulties, such as whether or not the receptionist area or lobby is expansive enough to accommodate all the furniture.

3. Update Company Materials

Provide the company’s new address to relevant contacts. Be sure to indicate when the new address will take effect.

Print updated business cards, stationery and marketing materials with the new business information. Update the company’s website, noting the new address for customers.

4. Discard Unnecessary Items

Before relocating, it is expedient to get rid of the office clutter that has no functional use in the new office. Unusable furniture, old desks and chairs, broken shelving and décor that has no place in the new space can be discarded or donated prior to the relocation. Also recycle or shred office documents that are no longer needed. Explore tax-deductible charities to which you may donate the surplus office equipment and fixtures.

5. Create an Inventory List


Creating an inventory of each item can prevent items from getting lost during the move.

Prior to relocating, develop an inventory list of all the company assets, furniture and miscellaneous items used by employees. Be sure to retain a hard copy for business records.

6. Prepare the New Space

You’ll want the new office to operate as soon as employees walk in. Ensure an easy transition by setting up the electricity, water, gas, phone, and any other utilities prior to the relocation day. Also make arrangements with local waste management services. Utility companies should be contacted well in advance in order to schedule connections for services or installation.

Before moving day, confirm that the movers will have access to the unloading zones at the new facility and loading areas at the current office.

Movers will have an easier time if they have exclusive access to the new facility’s service elevators, loading docks or emergency doors. Before relocating, speak to the building management to arrange for access during the move.

A major office relocation may have an impact on local businesses, especially if those companies’ driveways or parking lots are temporarily obstructed during the moving process. Notify the surrounding businesses if driveways will be blocked for a short time.

7. Simplify Moving Day

Hang enlarged copies of the office layout in each room in the new facility to help movers place office furniture in the designated spaces. Stick color-coded labels to furniture and office equipment to stay organized during the transition.

8. Hire Security

Employ a security guard to monitor sensitive items, like classified documents or computers. A security guard also can be hired to watch for suspicious street-level activity as the relocation occurs. Doors will be propped open, and computers may be left unattended for brief spurts during the relocation event.

The security guard should be given a list of authorized personnel who are allowed into the new facility as well as into the existing one during the move.

9. Notify Customers

Keep business running smoothly by notifying customers of any interruptions in service, how long the breaks will last and when to expect the continuation of service. Customers should be kept updated, whether the interruptions are for a few hours or over a series of days.

10. Work with a Professional Office Mover


The union movers at Chicago Office Movers can help you plan, prepare, and move your office to minimize all interruptions on moving day.

Before a planned relocation, enlist the services of Chicagoland’s most reliable office movers, Chicago Office Movers. We take pride in providing our award-winning office moving services and helping corporations shift to new locales.

Chicago Office Movers will protect your office furniture and property using advanced equipment. Our climate-controlled trucks keep your business assets in a temperate environment, whether on a blistering Chicago afternoon or a subfreezing Chicago morning. Customers can track their belongings every step of the way with the aid of our tracking equipment.

Full-Service Moving Company

Whether your company is moving locally, long distance, or internationally, Chicago Office Movers is prepared with convenient corporate relocation services that take the hassle out of moving. We employ licensed and trained movers who undergo a thorough background check. Business customers also find peace of mind in our available insurance contracts.

No matter if your office is moving antiques, artwork, science lab equipment, IT systems or electronics, Chicago Office Movers has the professional expertise to move your company’s assets safely and efficiently. The professional commercial movers at Chicago Office Movers offer a free estimate for all relocation services.

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