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Office desk decoration ideas

How Can I Make My Office Desk Look Nice?

Office desk decoration ideas
Office employees spend most of their days at a desk, working on time-sensitive projects, entering information into a database or answering email. A clean, aesthetically pleasing office desk makes work less cumbersome and more enjoyable. Here’s how to achieve this desirable end.

An ideal office desk is one that is inspiring—not drab. It should be clean and organized, allowing staff to find the supplies they need with a quick glance. A clutter-free office desk represents a clutter-free mind—which is what employees need to thrive in a professional environment.

The key to decorating an office desk is balance: the workspace should facilitate work projects and be personalized. An office desk should be primarily geared toward professional work, so it’s important to not go overboard with personal knickknacks and décor.

1. Hang Artwork

This leads to keeping the desk space professional. Work should be the priority; but feeling at home in the office is inspiring. Hang up artwork or place a framed quote on the desk—these décor items are appropriate as long as they serve to motivate the staff member.

2. Clear Clutter

As mentioned, clutter distracts an office employee from the tasks at hand. Clear the desk and floor of extraneous items, such as reference books and piles of paper. The space surrounding the desk is as important as the desk itself—and should be clean and clutter-free.

3. Bring in a Plant

Greenery offers numerous health benefits to a staff member. Having a plant on the desk comforts and sooths the employee, thereby reducing stress levels. A desk plant is known to boost productivity, making it the best cubicle buddy an office worker can have.

Plants improve the quality of the air, too. Office staff who desire a plant but have limited room on their desk should opt for a hanging plant. If drilling a hole into the ceiling is impractical, hang a small plant from hooks on a peg board.

Employees feel greater job satisfaction when a potted plant sits on their desk. They show more commitment compared to staff whose office environments lack natural elements. Aloe vera, fern, and aromatic lavender plants are excellent options for the office desk.

4. Install a Lamp

The fern on the office desk will benefit from ample lighting. Staff, too, feel energized when bright lights are added to the desk. Cool blue lights help employees concentrate. LED lights mimic natural lighting; their brightness can also be adjusted to gradually dim as the end of the workday approaches.

5. Enhance Comfort

A throw blanket or pillow for the office chair facilitates comfort throughout the workday. An oversized throw blanket in bold colors and wild patterns adds not only a touch of home but showcases the employee’s outgoing personality. Alternately, opt for a warm, solid color for a tranquil feel.

A throw blanket provides practical benefits, too. Offices get chilly when the air conditioner runs, but sitting at the desk with a colorful blanket over the legs adds warmth. A throw pillow also improves posture and gives the employee something to nap on during the day.

Office and desk decoration

6. Add Photos

The choice of photos is key. Photos of the family or pet dog are appropriate for decorating an office desk. On the other hand, pictures of a significant other in swimwear is distasteful for a professional environment. Keep the number of photos to a minimum: 1 to 3 suffice.

7. Personalize

Every office desk needs functional items, like bowls and mugs. Add personality to the desk by choosing baskets, bowls, and antique boxes that show off individual personality. A vintage jar, for instance, might hold pens. Place the desk plant in a favorite-colored ceramic vase.

Rather than accept papers in the standard plastic office in-box, change it up by using a textured woven basket instead. A beautiful, hand-crafted bowl serves as a paperclip holder. Fresh flowers add pizzaz to an office desk, so bring an intricately designed vase for those occasions.

8. Install Shelves

Office desks are limited in surface area. But when it comes to decorating the desk, added shelving can expand an employee’s aesthetic horizons. Shelf space can be used to hold a potted plant or a framed quote, photo, or work of art. Plus, extra shelves eliminate desk clutter.

9. Explore a Color Scheme

Peel-off décor can beautify an office space. Use wallpaper or contact paper to create the preferred color scheme. Modern ones start with neutrals, like black, gray and white. Layer accent colors, like royal blue or emerald green, to create a high-energy look. Moss green offers a subdued feel.

10. Add Mirrors

A small desk space can be significantly opened up by installing decorative mirrors. Since they are reflective, mirrors have the ability to make a work area that is limited in size appear twice as big. Hang mirrors on the wall or even use one as a desktop.

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