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Movers for Office Renovation and Remodeling in Chicago, ILIf you’re making some updates to your office space or commercial building, who’s going to be moving the furniture? Whether you’re renovating or remodeling an office or an entire building, an extra set of hands can take away the stress of figuring out how to move everything back to their position.

Chicago Office Movers can provide the moving services needed for businesses undergoing a renovation or remodeling project. Whether you need equipment taken apart or large furniture moved to another building, you can count on our experts to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Preparing for Renovation

Before starting the project, your commercial space will need to be cleared out. Chicago Office Movers can handle this process, packing and labeling boxes, disassembling furniture and equipment, and moving everything off-site into storage or another building. Our movers will ensure that there won’t be any obstacles standing in the way, nor that anything become damaged in the process.

When working with Chicago Office Movers during a business renovation or remodeling project, you can expect the following:

  • Pack and label boxes
  • Clear out all furniture, appliances, and equipment
  • Pack the moving truck
  • Donate or dispose of old furniture

Help with Remodeling and RenovationMovers-Office-Renovation-Remodeling

If needed, Chicago Office Movers can help with the installation or assembly of new furniture or appliances. We can do all the heavy lifting for you, everything from bringing in new materials to setting up new equipment. Anything you need help moving, we can provide the muscle power to help get the job done efficiently.

Moving Help After Office Remodeling

After the remodeling project is complete, everything will need to be hauled back, or maybe you have new furniture to load in! You can count on Chicago Office Movers to handle everything from moving to reinstalling all of your furniture and equipment.

We can also help you unpack the small items like office supplies, plants, files, and decorations so your commercial space is all ready to use again.

Upon completion of the renovation project, our experts can provide the following:

  • Move all items, furniture, appliances, and equipment back into the space
  • Unpack boxes and set up items
  • Reorganize and set up new furniture, appliances, and decorations

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For more information or a free estimate on our moving services for office renovation and remodeling projects, call Chicago Office Movers at 312-244-2246

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