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Relocating your business to a new city, state, or country is a complicated process. This type of move requires an extensive amount of planning and help from your employees which can be difficult to do as you are still trying to run your business. It helps to have a solid, streamlined plan to make the move easier. Having a moving professional like Chicago Office Movers help with the planning and management will simplify the moving process and allow your company to maintain focus on daily business operations during the move.Move Management Services in Chicago, IL

Chicago Office Movers can help businesses in the Chicago area plan and coordinate their relocation with our move management services. Our professionals will help plan everything for your move including the packing and shipping arrangements to keep the process as simple as possible. We will take the time to understand your packing and shipping needs and work with you to coordinate all aspects of the move.

Complete Move Management and Planning

Our moving representatives and trained union movers are experts when it comes to commercial moving. We will help plan out every part of the moving process to ensure that we meet your specific needs and stay within your allotted budget. We will also communicate with you and your employees throughout the process so they will know exactly what to expect with the move and what to do to help.

Our move management and planning services will cover the following to help your business prepare for the move:

  • Packing: Chicago Office Movers can handle the packing for all types of items including large equipment and furniture. We will ensure your items are safe and secure to prevent damage. We also offer crating services to help with packing large or fragile items.
  • Permits: Moving permits are typically required if the moving truck or van needs to be parked on a city street to be unloaded. This is more commonly needed in large cities like Chicago. If you need permits for your move, our professionals will obtain them for you.
  • Shipping: Coordinating the shipping can be a hassle, especially for long domestic and international moves. Our professionals can help coordinate air and ground shipping.
  • Storage: If your business runs into a situation where you need to leave one office space before you can move into another, we can provide storage for your items in the meantime.
  • Unpacking: Our union movers will be with you on-site at the new location to help unpack. We will carefully unpack furniture and fragile equipment to prevent damage.
  • Furniture Assembly: Sometimes it is easier to pack and transfer furniture after taking it apart. Our movers will disassemble furniture when packing and reassemble it at the new location.
  • Budget: We understand the importance of staying within your budget and we will streamline every aspect of the move so your office relocation does not go over budget.

If your business is relocating within the Chicago area, Illinois, the U.S., or to an international location, Chicago Office Movers can help manage your business’s relocation. Our professionals will obtain permits, coordinate domestic and international shipping, and our licensed union movers can help with the packing and unpacking at your new location.

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